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Discover Why Malta is a Must-Do Summer Yacht Charter Destination

Are you dreaming of a luxurious vacation on a private yacht? Look no further than Malta. This stunning Mediterranean island is the perfect destination for a yacht charter, and VCMS XP Holidays has partnerships in place with a fleet of the region’s most acclaimed charter firms to make your dream experience come to life. In this blog, we discover why Malta is a must-do summer yacht charter destination.

Malta’s the heart of the Med

Malta is a small archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and North Africa. With 3,000 square kilometers of territorial waters and crystal-clear bays, however, there's plenty of space for exploration on a Malta yacht charter, while inland you’ll find timeless landscapes and a rich cultural heritage.

Xlendi, Gozo
Crystal clear waters all around the coast

Malta’s proximity to other popular coastal destinations such as Sicily, the Greek Islands, Sardinia, Croatia, North Italy, Corsica, and Egypt, gives your Mediterranean yacht charter plans room to express your wildest dreams.

Islands are sublime to sail

The Maltese islands offer balmy sailing conditions for most of the year, especially in summer when gentle seas and soft winds make navigation a genuine pleasure.

Boat off Ramla Bay
Calm seas are a summer norm in Malta

When the seas turn rough, the Maltese seamen have generations of knowledge about the mood and character of their patch of the Med, and will ensure you always avoid rough seas and sudden storms.

Summers last forever

Malta’s 300 days of sunshine gives chartering in the islands an unfair advantage over much of the rest of Europe. So much sunshine and calm seas means Malta’s summers seem to last forever, which is bolstered by the country’s extra, extra long boating season. With sensational seafaring conditions from early April to late October, that’s a full seven months of blue seas, sun, and lots of endless summer fun.

Ramla Bay
Summer seems to last forever in Malta and Gozo

VCMS uses only charter firms that sail with crew members that are experienced professionals passionate about ensuring your safety and comfort while onboard. They have in-depth knowledge of the local area and can offer you insider tips on the best places to visit during summer, such as Gozo's Ramla Bay and Malta's St Peters Pool.

Colours are more ‘wow’

The colours of the Maltese sea are a mesmeric mix of Caribbean blue, green and aquamarine. From the deck of your yacht, you can immerse yourself in the sparkling waters of the exquisite Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon on Comino and enjoy clear views of the seabed below.

Maltese sea
The colours of the Maltese sea are ever-changing

Beautiful coves and fishing towns abound across Gozo and Malta with 197 kilometers of spectacular shoreline, scattered with weathered caves, majestic cliffs, and sandy bays such as the aptly named Paradise Bay in Malta's north, and the sheltered Dwejra Bay on Gozo.

Plus, there's no need to worry about sea creatures when you're diving or swimming; the Maltese sea is generally safe, proved by the locals' strong watersports culture in areas such as Mellieha Bay and Golden Bay all summer long.

Exceptional dives are less stressful

There are many reasons why Malta and Gozo are top rated diving destinations starting, of course, with the marvels of the Maltese sea with its translucent waters, safe diving conditions, and the wonder of its marine life. The other reason is that Malta is a low-crime destination that's easy to get to, with flights from many major European cities direct to Malta International Airport.

Diving in Malta
Malta offers a safe diving environment

Add world-class diving destinations and top professionals offering opportunities for snorkeling, try-dives, PADI courses and certification, wreck dives, cave exploring, and freediving, and it makes Malta a mecca for divers either starting out, or introducing friends to the potentially life-changing activity.

There’s so much more to Malta

The Maltese Islands are surprisingly exotic, with more to meet the eye than first expected. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a western Mediterranean land of ancient history and vibrant culture, given its 7,000 years of civilization and three UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Valletta's Grand Harbour
The approach to Valletta's Grand Harbour

To see this for yourself visit Valletta, the European Capital of Culture in 2018, home of the picturesque late Middle Ages Grand Harbour, and one of the prettiest port cities in the world with hundreds of attractions and activities, including art and music events under the stars.

The Saluting Battery from the Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Maltese cuisine is another exotic reason to visit the country. Like its main language, Maltese cooking is an interesting and delicious mix of Arabic and Italian influences. If you’re really going out on a cultural limb, there are dozens upon dozens of festivals all year round in which you can join the locals in letting their hair down, celebrating the harvest, or simply setting off endless fireworks.

You’re in expert hands

Ultimately, when it comes to yacht charters, Malta has something for everyone. VCMS has partnered with some of the region's finest luxury yacht charter companies, allowing you to tailor-make your vacation to your exact specifications. With a choice of luxury yachts complete with experienced crew, customizable itineraries, flexible schedules, onboard amenities, exceptional service, and modern safety measures, the Med is your oyster.

Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, Gozo
Plan your perfect summer yacht charter

Whether you want to explore the islands' hidden coves, laze on a sandy beach, or simply relax on deck and soak up the sun, a private yacht charter is simply the perfect way to explore Malta on a summer to treasure. For more information about an unforgettable summer charter, contact your VCMS XP representative now.

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