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Christmas and New Year in Bali, Island of the Gods

Where better to celebrate Christmas and see in 2025, than Bali, Indonesia, where volcanoes rise from turquoise seas, macaque monkeys swing in the trees, palms sway over fine white sands, and beach clubs host spectacular New Year’s firework displays?

Sunset in Bali
December sunsets in Bali

Besides the party atmosphere at hot spots such at Kuta and Nusa Dua, spending the festive season in Bali offers you a more than generous slice of paradise in the Island of the Gods.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you Bali’s many charms, from its temples and nature reserves, to its food and food and festivals.

Delight in Denpansar

Many people don’t realize the island of Bali is half the size of Tokyo but, nevertheless, its largest city and capital Denpansar comes to life in November and December with the Denpasar Festival.

Balinese dancers
Traditionsal Balinese fire dance at Denpansar Festival

From Balinese fashion shows, musical performances mixing traditional dances with gamelan music, a masked street parade, live painting, handicraft exhibition, and much more, it’s a vibrant celebration of culture showcasing all of Indonesia’s islands.

Celebrate Christmas Bali style

While Bali is a mostly a Hindu society, Christmas is still an official holiday and many Balinese need no excuse to celebrate. In a festive twist, Balinese Christians use poultry feathers to decorate Christmas trees while tall, handcrafted bamboo poles festooned with coconut leaves and other decorations line the streets.

Bali craftsman
Craftsman decorating a festive bamboo pole

Break tradition with a beach club New Year

All Bali’s leading beach clubs, bars, and hotels really push the boat out when it comes to New Year. Expect real festive feasts at the island’s top restaurants. Party all night long and enjoy spectacular fireworks displays at Bali’s hottest beach clubs in Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dur, Sanur, Legian, Canggu and Uluwatu.

Bali beach club
New Year at a Bali beach club

Make a break for the beaches

Bali has long been a surfer’s paradise. For big waves that rip and swell, professional surfers and casual body boarders or body surfers can spend many hours at the golden strands of Kuta Beach at 66 and Bingin Beach.

Beautiful soft sands of Kuta Beach

Head for Sanur Bay for a more a more child friendly bay, combined with the unhurried, laid back atmosphere of old-world Bali. For a more luxurious beach experience, Nusa Dur is fringed with five-star hotels showcasing the finest in Balinese cuisine and the exceptional hospitality Southeast Asia is famous for. Grab a snorkel and goggles and be amazed at the vibrant sea life beneath the waves at Nusa Dur’s offshore reef.

Pantai Pasir Putih
Pantai Pasir Putih, a heavenly white sand beach

Seekers of a Caribbean like paradise with azure waters, swaying palms will be enchanted by Pantai Pasir Putih, a perfect crescent of white sand overlooked by lush hills. Off the mass tourism radar, you could easily spend an entire day here, with pretty and welcoming warungs (cafes) serving sizzling prawns and ice-cold beers. For the ultimate castaway beach experience, make your way to The Gili Islands, a tranquil, pristine collection of isles with powder-soft white sands.

Head out on a road trip

The very best way to experience Bali’s dramatic natural beauty and authentic culture is to hire a car or scooter and hit the road. Take your sweet time to appreciate the towering views over mountains and rice terraces, while stopping at simple roadside warungs for a bite of heavenly Balinese cuisine from ikan bakar (grilled fish) and babi guling (suckling pig) to palem sari ulam (steamed seafood) in a coconut curry pudding.

Rice terrace
Rice terrace in Bali

Road to rice terraces and waterfalls

If Bali’s patchwork of rice terraces and mighty waterfalls like the soaring Tegenungan and canyon-framed Tukad Cepung appeal, follow the road from Kula to Ubud. This 50-mile stretch will reward you with the Ceking rice terraces in Tegalalang, and the striking Gunung Kawi Sebatu water temple.

Tukad Cepung
Tukad Cepung waterfall

Highway to heavenly dives, temples, mountains

Hiking and snorkelling more your thing? Then take the East Bali loop from either Candidasa or Padangbai, a charming little fishing town. See the Agung volcano framed though the Gates of Heaven. Hike the slopes of Mount Lempuyang admiring seven exquisite temples along the way, with the top one offering an incredible ambience with views to match.

Padangbai fishing village

Also on this route is Tirta Gangga historic water palace and the heavenly dive site of USAT Liberty wreck. This a scuttled WWII transport ship teems with fish all the colours of the rainbow, crustaceans and sea turtles.

Stay in Paradise

VCMS XP Holidays has handpicked two luxury five-star retreats in Bali that will take your breath away and are well located for all the destinations and experiences we’ve covered above.

Ramayana Suites is a modern resort set within its own tropical gardens near the vibrant city of Kuta, with white sands of Kuta Beach right on your doorstep.

Ramayana Candidasa, meanwhile, is a luxury beach resort complete with dramatic sea views and lush, tropical gardens. This heavenly retreat in Candidasa gives you easy access to perhaps the finest white sand beach in Bali, Pantai Pasir Putih.

To discover more, or to book your December getaway, contact one of your VCMS XP team members today.


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