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Room Type



Standard SV

Sup Comfort

61 XP*

68 XP*

76 XP*

85 XP*


106 XP*

114 XP*

Superior SV

Deluxe Family

74 XP*

91 XP*

121 XP*

81 XP*

98 XP*

129 XP*


134 XP*

142 XP*

151 XP*

155 XP*

Deluxe SV Fam

87 XP*

104 XP*

135 XP*

161 XP*

Low Season - 12th April - 31st May | 1st September - 30th September

Medium Season - 1st June - 30th June

High Season - 1st July  - 31st July

Peak Season - 1st August - 31st August

XPs based on daily rates

Breakfast Included

Check in time: 16:00 | Check out time: 10:00

*All rates are for 2024

You’ll find MClub Del Golfo discretely tucked away near the Sardinian city of Sassari. This castaway city is vibrant with its art, culture and history, full of picturesque town squares such as Piazza d'Italia, sparkling fountains, and elegant neoclassical architecture. Straddling the Gulf of Asinara and the plain of Nurra, the resort is encircled by thousands of hectares of olive plantations, oak woodlands and maquis shrubland. 

The Location

MClub Del Golfo commands a truly inspiring view over a monster of an exquisite beach, which extends right along the Emerald Cost coast of Sardinia and into the Gulf of Asinara. Surrounded by vistas of lush forests, scrublands and glittering azure seas, guests can wander for miles in total safety, with the beach just metres away and equipped with sun umbrellas, sun loungers and a bar serving top notch Italian espresso, cappuccino and aperitivos, complete with a sparkling pool.  

The Resort

MClub Del Golfo

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