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Aegean Gem Dome

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Thermes Luxury Villa

Canvas Sky Suite

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When calling up a visual image of quintessential Greece, Santorini, in the rugged island chain of the Cyclades, would be the choice of many seasoned traveller. Arriving from the sea, you’ll see the dazzling white houses clustered like sugar cubes to the lofty cliffs of the smouldering volcano of Fira, a stunning contrast against what Homer called the “wine dark sea” of the Aegean. Along with blue-domed Greek churches, fiery sunsets over the cobalt-blue sea, and the dramatic perpendicular coastline -- with Pebbly Red Beach, White Beach and Black Beach named for the color of the cliffs above them – Santorini is the Greece of Instagram sunsets and a timeless, lost-city-of-Atlantis vibe.

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