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Best of Europe’s Traditional Christmas Markets in Picturebook Prague

If you could wish for one of Europe's most beautiful historic cities to preserve itself at the height of its charms, that city would be Prague. The Czech capital has survived the region's political turmoil physically unscathed; its old city having lost none of its former glory.

Beautiful Prague sprinkled in snow

And when better to visit the City of One Hundred Spires than when snow powders the ancient rooftops and the cobbled streets fill with festive spirit like they have for over 1,000 years.

Europe's Festive Mecca

For centuries, the finest seasonal produce, handcrafted gifts, decorations and traditional culinary specialties from across the land today officially known as Czechia, lures thousands from all over to Prague Christmas market.

Old town square
Prague's Old Town, home of Czechia's oldest Christmas market

For XP members based in the UK, a Czech Christmas markets break in Prague is ideal. Under two hours flight time plus a choice of accommodation that includes the elegant Corinthia Hotel Prague for the most magical city views, including of Prague Castle.

The Corinthia is just five minutes away from the old city centre by the underground metro. Here you'll find the Old Town Square with its broody Gothic churches, colourful baroque buildings, and medieval Astronomical Clock and, during the festive season, Prague's oldest Christmas market.

Just follow the scent of cinnamon and clove to the massive square, where at its centre stands a giant Christmas tree, which comes from a different region of Czechia every year.

Lining the square are countless wooden stalls filled with treasures from traditional Czech Christmas markets crafts including puppets, wooden toys, glass, ceramics, ornaments, and jewellery. Sample a sweet-smelling trdelnik (pastry), some sugar-coated roasted nuts, barbecued sausages, sweet dumplings and pancakes, or the juicy cured hams. Raise your spirits with a mug of hot mead, a cup of svarene vino (mulled wine), or a popular Czech beer.

Xmas food stall
Trdelnik, which originates from Transylvania, is a must munch

Prague's Christmas markets were voted the world's best in 2015 by USA Today readers, and its no surprise given the enchanting old-world atmosphere created by the city's exquisite architecture and the timeless appeal of handmade crafts, cuisine, Christmas carols, and demonstrations of traditional sword making.

As well as the markets at Pragues Old Town Square, you'll find the other main market stall on Wenceslas Square. Republic Square, Havel's Market, Prague Castle, Anděl, and Náměstí Míru are other smaller markets offering Christmas gifts and decorations.

Outside of Europe's best Christmas markets, Prague has so much to offer, from monuments and architecture such as the wintry storybook charm of Prague Castle, to the Holescovice Docks, the only port in Prague. To make your stay even more memorable, take a lamplit Christmas Eve evening stroll along Charles Bridge, or hire ice-skates and skim across a frosty Vltava River.

Contact your XP representative to book a Prague Christmas markets break now while 2022 availability still lasts.

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