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Exclusive Best of Malta Experiences for XP Members

Great news for XP members! We’ve curated an exclusive collection of five experiences that will deepen your love of Malta, delving into nature, traditional cuisine, mysterious and explosive Valletta, and even classic cars.

Limited availability for as low as €2.85 per Xp.

Private Falconry Experience

Experience the wild heart of Malta by getting up close and personal with 11 amazing birds of prey, which include a Maltese Falcon (Peregrine Falcon), a Harris Hawk, a Peregrine X Sayker Falcon, a Sparrow Hawk, a Pharaoh Eagle Owl and Barn Owls (Barbagann). Your host is 44-year old Lawrence, who fell in love with birds at a very young age. It all began from the moment he held a bird in his hand at four, a sparrow given to him by a neighbor while he was sitting on the doorstep. “I felt as if he had given me the world” Lawrence said. Lawrence spends most of his time working with his beloved birds at his cultural and educational display at Wied iz-Zurrieq. Join him and his birds of prey for a private display of the ancient craft of falconry, which includes a demonstration with five birds trained to fly and return.


No of XP: 144

Rustic Farmers Lunch

An agri-tourism experience is one of the most satisfying ways of sampling the bounty of sun-kissed Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of the countryside. Join us as we visit a private olive grove on a beautiful farm in one of Malta’s most rural areas. In this picturesque little oasis, enjoy a farmer’s lunch, sampling a farm-fresh selection of local cuisine and wine.

Click HERE to see what is included.

Minimum of 4 Pax

No of XP: 358

Country Car Culture and Countryside Driving

While small, the Maltese Islands are strikingly beautiful. Just like in any picturesque destination, it’s home to a thriving classic car community, who love nothing better than hitting the road and feeling the wind in their hair. For car enthusiasts looking for unique slice of Maltese culture, we have a real treat for you. John, pictured, is one of the owners of the Old Motors Club in Malta. Join John for an unforgettable experience as he shows you around his private car collection of 12 vehicles dating from 1926 to 1968. Afterwards, you can join John and his classic car connoisseurs on a drive out to the countryside.

Note: Does include the transfer to the garage and return by Classic Car

No of XP: 211